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FKMD and FOX Knives Australia

7th Jan 2023

Tell me about FOX knives?Founded in 1977, Fox Knives is an Italian knife manufacturer that produces a variety of outdoor, tactical, and surv

LionSTEEL Knives Australia

7th Jan 2023

LionSTEEL KniveslionSTEEL cutlery in Maniago, Italy, where experience blends with innovation creating the ultimate knife.Lionsteel knives ar

CPM Magnacut steel

7th Jan 2023

What the metallurgist and MagnaCut creator Dr Larrin Thomas says:-CPM MagnaCut is the result of my passion for knives and steel. I used a

Bark River Knives in Australia

11th Jul 2022

We carry one of the largest ranges of Bark River Knives in Australia.Bark River Knives is a family-owned business whose goal is to produce