What types of knives can't you import into Australia without a permit?

Posted by Aussie Knives on 16th Apr 2024

What types of knives can't you import into Australia without a permit?

The importation of certain types of knives into Australia is restricted and may require a permit. The specific regulations can vary, but generally, knives that are considered prohibited or restricted include:

  1. Automatic knives (also known as switchblades)
  2. Balisong knives (also known as butterfly knives)
  3. Gravity knives
  4. Push knives
  5. Trench knives
  6. Knives with blades that open automatically by centrifugal force (flick knives)
  7. Knives designed or adapted for use as a weapon, including those with certain blade lengths or features that are deemed dangerous or prohibited
  8. Certain types of multi-tool knives with blades that exceed a specified length or have prohibited features

It's important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and the regulations may vary depending on the state or territory within Australia. Additionally, the importation of knives is governed by the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, and the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for overseeing import regulations.

If you're considering importing a knife into Australia, especially if it falls into any of the categories mentioned above, it's advisable to check the current regulations and consider obtaining the necessary permits or permissions to ensure compliance with the law. You can also reach out to the Australian Border Force or customs authorities for guidance on specific import requirements.